What is Reverse Email Lookup?

Just as a name serves as an identity marker for a person in the physical world, an email address can be understood as an identity marker in the digital world. However, billions of emails are sent all over the world. So how do you ascertain if an email is from a genuine source? Is it a friend, a business associate, or a scammer trying to extract money?

A reverse email lookup is a tool that lets you find people using a particular email address. A simple search on the reverse email lookup brings up the person's full name associated with an email address. It can also fetch additional details such as the social handles attached to the email address, other contact details of the person, phone number, address, and even information about relatives. The tool also helps people save themselves from phishing scams by pulling out the computer's IP address from which the email was sent, thus providing the location.

What is Reverse Email Lookup?

How Does Email Lookup work?

Determining the person's true identity associated with an email address is a complex process. Even if you go to search engines, it is not guaranteed that they can provide you details about the person as search engines can only identify someone if their email address is made public on social media handles, such as Facebook and Twitter. In addition, there's no such thing as "yellow pages" or a directory from emails where you can get these details.

A reverse email lookup tool goes beyond these sources to find necessary details and conduct a background check of the sender based on the billions of public records out there.

How to Do an Email Lookup with FindPeopleEasy?

FindPeopleEasy is a user-friendly website that lets you search for people hassle-freely. To conduct a reverse email search, all you have to do is follow these simple steps mentioned below:

  • Step 1: Go to the home page of the FindPeopleEasy website to conduct an easy email search.
  • Step 2: Click on the option for the reverse email lookup. It can be found at the top of the search bar.
  • Step 3: When the new page opens, locate the search bar and enter the email address there.
  • Step 4: Hit the search button to get the search results within a few seconds.

FindPeopleEasy searches social media platforms and public records to reveal the sender's full name, photos, contact details, address, alternate email address, etc. If any, the search also brings the arrest, criminal, and court records relating to the person associated with the email address.

What Information Can I Obtain via Email Address Lookup?

One can find the following details by conducting a reverse email lookup on FindPeopleEasy

Owner Information

The reverse email lookup tool can give you details about the owner of a particular email address. These include full name, residential address, marital status, education qualifications, employment history, etc.

Contact Details

Using reverse email lookup, you can also get the sender's contact details, such as the phone number, alternate email addresses, and mailing address.

Social Media Accounts

Our address search tool also lets you find out about the person's social networking profiles attached to the email. These include social, professional, and dating profiles.

Web Activity

FindPeopleEasy also lets you trace the online footprints of the person using the email address. For example, you can see if they are using any forums, keeping a daily blog, or are active on Instagram.

Public Records

FindEasyPeople sifts the public records in order to look for criminal history, arrest records, and details of the court proceedings, if available for any person.

Why Should We Do an Email Search

  • Secure Your Business

    It is always better to be on the safer side when doing business with new associates. Therefore, use the reverse email lookup to conduct a background check on the person you will work with.

  • Scammer Check

    Phishing and catfish attacks via email are on the rise. Crossreference with our website whether the email address from which you got a message is genuine or a scammer.

  • Find Associate Information

    You can also get associate information regarding the sender on our platform, including photos, residential addresses, former addresses, and phone numbers. If available, you can find the details of their family members and relatives.

  • Social Network

    Find social media handles attached to a particular email address. FindPeopleEasy also lets you find out about the social media handles attached to the alternate email address of the related person.

  • Verify Email

    One of the best ways to find if an email address belongs to a scammer is to check if it is a new or an established email address. The scammers do not use an established email, and you can find it with our lookup tool.

How to Free Yourself from Email Scams?

With the advent of the pandemic, the entire world made a great leap, and almost everyone got connected to the internet. However, it also made us more vulnerable to cyberattacks, including malware attacks, phishing scams, etc., via email. For instance, during a phishing attack, one of the most common cyberattacks through email, a scammer pretends to be a legitimate organization/business to extract your sensitive information. Afterward, this information is used to steal your money or, worse still, in identity theft.

According to a report, 75% of the organizations experienced phishing attacks in 2021. And out of those, around 96% of the phishing attacks arrived at the targeted victims via email. Therefore, it is important to keep yourself protected in this scenario. One of the best ways is to ascertain whether an email address is doubtful or genuine. The Reverse Email Lookup of the FindPeopleEasy can help you execute this rather complex process very easily within a few seconds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is reverse email lookup?

A reverse email lookup is a tool that lets you find the details of a person related to an email address. It can also fetch other important information like photos, contact details, addresses, etc.

Can I find a phone number from an email address?

Yes, FindPeopleEasy provides a plethora of details, including the phone number attached to an email address. In addition, our platform searches all the public records available, whereas search engines do not give any results.

How can I find out who is the owner of the email address?

All you have to do is open the reverse address lookup on our website, enter the email address, and hit the search button. You will get the results in a few seconds.

Can I find someone’s residential address with their email address?

FindEasyPeople searches the public records to give all the important details of the person associated with the email address you search for. This information also contains the former as well as the current address of the sender.

Why is reverse email lookup crucial?

In this scenario where cyberattacks like phishing scams are on the rise, using a reverse email lookup tool becomes a necessity to keep oneself protected. It safeguards your personal as well as financial interests.

Start Your Reverse Email Lookup Now!

Keep yourself protected with FindPeopleEasy by conducting a reverse email lookup. The tool makes the complex process of background search easier and hassle-free. So what are you waiting for? Start an easy reverse email lookup now!

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