What Is Background Check?

A background check is a process that investigates a particular person to verify their identity, which gives the details of that person's background such as education, employment history check, criminal records check, confirmation of past addresses, personal and professional references, drug screening, and behavior assessments.

A background check is commonly used in various methods to complete these background checks and a complete database and personal references. You can quickly check it on background check tools. Background check tools are verified and have permission from the authority to give the correct personal background information or details.

What Is Background Check?

How to Do a Background Check?

The background verification process is easy with the online background search. However, if you think about how long the background check takes? The online background screening takes a couple of minutes to give an accurate background check report.

Search yourself, a friend, relative, neighbor, date, or a celebrity using a background check with these easy steps:

Enter Any Name Above to Start Searching

FindPeople is easy to use. You need to fill in the required information in the search tool as:

  1. Enter the first and last name
  2. Select the city name
  3. Select the country
  4. Tap on the search button

They Comb Through 6+ Billion Public Records

An online backgroundcheck.com goes through more than 6+ billion public records to give you an easy criminal record check, education history check, and so on. So please wait for a couple of minutes to get the background screening report.

View Your Results & Full Report

Once the background check process is done, you can see the information you required to verify that person.

Why Do We Need A Background Check?

Generally, a background check is important in today's disputatious society. In addition, you may learn things about a few candidates that you simply cannot elicit throughout an interview. Therefore, more businesses opt for background verification companies to screen their candidates for pre-employment. Here are some main reasons why background verification is essential:

Safeguards company assets

A thorough background investigation of employees will protect business reputations. Employees with a bad reputation can affect a company's reputation and reliability. Background verification techniques can help keep away from hiring such forms of candidates.

Prevents the risk of negligent hiring

Negligent hiring can cause significant harm to businesses, employees, and clients. Candidates tend to lie in their resumes – wrong information about work experience, forged documents, hiding criminal history, identity theft. A candidate may fit an employer's skills requirements but have questionable records. Only background checks can reveal this information.

Enhances quality of hiring

A thorough background investigation offers information about candidates' past employment and performance. The background check process can ensure the hiring of honest and trustworthy candidates.

Provides safety and security

Honest employees who set well with the company's culture are valuable assets. However, hiring for specific segments may require more vetting than the others. Employees who may have access to sensitive customer information can threaten their safety.

What Information Does a Background Check Contain?

You have the right to know the truth about the people you meet. Criminal background checks are not only for police, attorneys, and employers. You now have the power to conduct an online criminal background check on anybody you need. FindPeopleEasy tool made the background check easy for you.

Citizens also have proper access to public statistics to keep their elected officers responsible. But what if you cannot come up with the money to pay for a person's background checks on a huge number of neighbours? When you have vital issues, like protecting your children, you can no longer have the sources to pay for dozens of buddies or circles of relatives associates.

Here is a typical checklist of a background verification report:

Criminal & Arrest Records

Our authentic criminal background verification check can also help keep you and your family safe. You can also find out whether a prospective date has any criminal history.

Contact Information

The background investigation report will also include current and previous addresses, email addresses, social media profiles, and current phone numbers.

Social Media Profiles

A background check can find all the active and inactive social media accounts of any person. However, this information may not be required.

Job & Education History

FindPeopleEasy.com can't be used for pre-employment background checks. However, we encourage you to find the best resource to fit your needs and only use FindPeopleEasy within the law.

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What Our Customers Say About FindPeopleEasy?

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Hello there! I never found background screening this easy before; it's easy to use and provides correct information.

- Edward James

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I never knew that we could find anyone's background screening. Findpeopleeasy is a fantastic tool.

- Muhammad Nadeem

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This tool helped me find my neighbors' history. It's a fantastic tool.

- Steve Settle

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I don't know how to thank this tool, but it helped background screening my new friend. I must say this tool is effective.

- David Wilson

user photo

Hello there! I never found background screening this easy before; it's easy to use and provides correct information.

- Edward James

user photo

I never knew that we could find anyone's background screening. Findpeopleeasy is a fantastic tool.

- Muhammad Nadeem

Frequently Asked Questions

Does FindPeopleEasy do an employment screening?

No, FindPeopleEasy can't do employment screening, and you need to look for alternative options.

How Much Do Employment Background Checks Cost?

There isn't any industry-preferred fee for conducting an employment background check, and the charge relies upon which searches you want to be completed—most background check agencies charge per record.

What penalties do you face if you do not comply with the FCRA background screening legal guidelines?

You may be sued by a job applicant and be investigated and possibly fined by a central authority agency, including the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or the National Labour Relations Board.

If a criminal background check turns up a criminal document on an ability candidate, are you able to cast that man or woman from the selection?

As a standard rule, to eliminate a candidate from selection, the kind of criminal activity you find out must be related to the worker's job duties.

For example, you are hiring a cook, and he is charged for smoking in a public place that is not relevant.

Do you need a different type of background check service depending on your industry?

It depends on the background check service. Some services have an extensive selection of screenings that cover a range of industries; others are more limited or specialized in what they offer at a premium charge.

What does it mean for a background check service to be accredited?

The National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) offers background investigation on the capacity to take part in the Background Screening Agency Accreditation Program. Businesses need to adhere to strict guidelines to qualify, so this accreditation is enormously revered.

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FindePeopleEasy includes over 100 million records and updates daily. Criminal records are added daily, sourced from local county courts, state administrative, departments of corruption, and many other legal sources. We have a lawful basis that builds trust between our customers. Thousands of visits daily, to get the information they require.

Never forget we are here to help you with background screening. Are you still thinking?!!! Get your first background check now!

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